Saturday, August 29, 2009

Treats Fit For A Queen

I discovered Ladure'e Pastries on the blog Hens Teeth. Come to find out that ladure'e is a luxury cakes and pastries brand based in Paris, France. They invented the double decker macaron which is hugely popular. They have bakeries in high end areas such as London, Geneva, Monaco, Tokyo ,Bahrain and Dubai. You probably won't be too surprise in learning that they made the fabulous cakes and such for the movie Marie Antoinette, directed by Sofia Coppola. The best Cake movie Ever!

Chocolate Wellington Rain Boots

I found these yummy wellington Rain Boots at Eshoe a very cool shoe website in England.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I first discovered a post on Everyday Sugar, which found this yummy treat at Bakerella, where you will find the yummiest of recipes, how to's, and Even the cutiest shirts, aprons etc to show your love for Baking. The "bakeware" is called Sweet Tee's ~how cute is that!

Wow..Cheesecake pops! I'm speechless :-}

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fabric Cakes

This is a Michael Miller Tea Party Fabric and I found it on Amy's adorable blog
Tea With Friends, where you can find delicious close ups of this yummy fabric.The fabric Can be found on Etsy at Barb's 70 Shop.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cupcake Full of Flowers

This precious Carnation filled "cupcake" is from Tami's adorable blog Lemon Tree Tales. This particular piece was a gift from her husband. You'll find all kinds of fun things on her blog. Tami specializes in Cloth doll making, quilting and sewing, you'll find all kinds of fun stuff on her blog.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cup Cake Decorating Ideas

These little beauties are from Cupcake Decorating Ideas at country living. Yum~

Yummy Paper Treats

These are just a couple of Maryjane's creations. She makes adorable journals, Hangtags, Bookmarks all using pieces from her retro/vintage ephemera collection. You can find these as well as many more at her Etsy store Saddie Lee, which is retro/vintage inspired and her Etsy store The Beehive Cottage, Maryjane's Vintage Romantic collection. The Beehive Cottage Blog is also full of little treasures, yummy treats, and great music. Turn up the volume and you'll feel right at home.

Yummy Easy Cherry Cobbler

This yummy Cherry Cobbler -farmgirl Style is from The Beehive Cottage which I discovered today after looking up stuff about the movie Julie and Julia, the movie about Julie Powell's adventures of cooking Julia Childs recipes from the Mastering the Art Of French Cooking.
MaryJanes blog The Beehive Cottage is absolutely adorable, full of fun finds and remember to turn up the volume. I have it playing while I'm doing other stuff. You can find step to step directions for this yummy dessert. Love It :-}

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Miss Muffin Bakes Her Cakes

You must admit anybody with a keen visual eye LOveS the Beauty Of Cakes. These gorgeous beauties are from the Blog Little Miss Muffins Cakes! which is out of a home kitchen in southern New York. Miss Muffin is a self taught Cake maker that is nice enough to share her beautiful works of art with us. She's self taught and a true artist in making and baking!
This Greenhouse and Garden cake was made for an FFA teacher, who along with everyone else was super impressed! I personally love all the different themes that makes them all so unique.
Take a visit over to Little Miss Muffins Cakes! blog, You will be so glad you did~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strawberry Coconut Cake

Let's start off with this beautitul Coconut Strawberry Cake that I found at